Sunday, March 6, 2016

Racism or system breakdown?

When we look at the utter devastation of Black American communities in places like Detroit, or consider the rampant poverty and mass incarceration of blacks across America, we can draw only one of two conclusions. Either we have a case of a genetically inferior and inherently immoral and dysfunctional race of people that has brought this devastation upon themselves, or we have a systematic failure.

A system in which Black Americans have been oppressed since slavery in the 1700's, produced thousands of lynchings in the early 20th century, and culminated in a kinder-gentler oppression today, resulting in places like Detroit and Flint Michigan. Today's oppression is far less kind and gentle for those living in these conditions than it appears to us on the outside looking in. 

So which is it, because it's either one or the other? Do we have a systematic failure in America, or are Black Americans simply inferior? If we dare to see ourselves as non-racists and as something other than white supremacists, how can we justify support of a system that continues to oppress Black Americans with absolutely no intention of addressing any of the economic and social injustices heaped upon our fellow Americans in the black community? 

Support of establishment candidates/politicians such as Obama, Trump, and Clinton, is a vote for the continuation of this system of injustice and exploitation, and renders us complicit in all that I've described. So which are we, racists or revolutionaries, because we are either one or the other? Just because Trump is, ostensibly, more racist than today's Democrats, does not make today's Democrat's non-racist. We can continue to sooth our moral conscious by kidding ourselves into thinking that people like Obama, irrespective of the color of his skin, seeks to overthrow this system of injustice, but this is utter, fairy-tale thinking that only a mind controlled by corporate media could rationalize.

Jill Stein on civil disobedience, the toxicity of the Democratic Party, and the divide and conquer ideology of Neoliberalism

Friday, March 4, 2016

Howard Zinn - Hidden History of The American Working Class

Bernie Sanders' supporters must support Jill Stein

It's all over but the shouting where Bernie Sanders' bid for the Democratic nomination is concerned. In all honesty, it was over before it began, and it's far past time those of us on the left came to the realization that true change will not come from within the confines of the Democratic Party. 
At this point, Sanders is literally going through the motions and not even the most die-hard among his supporters can truly hold out hope that he is actually going to defeat Hillary Establishment Clinton. 

I petition Sanders' supporters to get behind the campaign of Green Party candidate Jill Stein now, rather than continuing to support the "dead on arrival" bid of Sanders, right up until the point when he sells out everything he claims to believe in, by endorsing the corporatist, militarist, oligarchic Clinton.

Turn off your corporate television,  and log onto Stein's many videos on YouTube. I so tire of Progressive's lamenting the failure of corporate television to bring non-corporate points of view. If we are ever going to make true progress politically, the first step has to be rather than lamenting and criticizing corporate media's propaganda, to completely eliminate it from our minds. This is the most basic of issues we face as progressives and socialists. How can we continue to turn on and feed off of corporate media? Answer, we can't if we ever want real change to take place in this country.

This is not 1970 or even 1990, we have the internet now. We can read what we should be reading, hear what we should be hearing, frame issues as we should be framing them. There is no excuse for turning to oppressors for salvation. Free your minds and free your country. The reason this country is in a shambles is because supposed liberals are turning to corporate media for information. The left has been decimated because we've allowed our minds to become utterly corrupted by corporate indoctrination. 

While we can't immediately change the media (corporations have hijacked our public airways), or the religious and educational institutions corrupted by conservative neoliberal orthodoxy, we are in total control of the sources of information we bring into in our homes and thereby allow into our minds. 

The technological axiom is , "junk in, junk out", and corporate media is feeding you a steady diet of junk politics. Corporate media is going to keep pumping out faux-criticism of Donald Trump. This unrelenting and obsessive faux-criticism, that has been going on for over six months, is designed to do two things: embolden those who support him for the very reasons he's being criticized, and scare those of us non-fascists on the left into supporting corporate golden girl Hillary. Don't fall into the trap of voting least worst. Hillary means death and destruction to this country just as Trump does. Voting for least worst is junk politics and you become complicit in all you don't believe in because you've voted for the enemy as a result of letting corporate propaganda frame your logic.